While Everyone Was Attacking Melania’s 6″ Heels, Nobody Noticed The UNBELIEVABLE Thing Her Hat Said! (VIDEO)


Yesterday the media and the alt-left decided to make some very mean jokes about Melania Trump just because she wore heels when her and President Trump went to visit Texas yesterday.

Well Boo-Hoo, snowflakes. What y’all shoulda been focusing on is her hat, which sets all those haters straight once and for all…

Her hat said FLOTUS because she is the First Lady of the US whether you like her shoes or not!


Let’s be honest, though. Melania could offer those libs free college and unlimited Welfare and they would STILL hate her because she is a Republican. It’s sad.

Remember back when Obama chose not to visit the flood victims in Louisianna back in 2016. I guess he didn’t wanna get his Italian leather shoes wet. Well, the current President and First Lady went to Louisianna then and they are on the ground, doing the work again this time.

The truth of the matter is that the left is going after Melania for her shoes because they have nothing else left. Our President is showing great leadership during this flood, so petty insults are the only ammo these losers have.

Watch video below:

What is your reaction?


  1. So what, Melania’s hat says “FLOTUS,” but it’s just a hat like the “MAGA” hats Trump and his supporters wear. It’s a slogan and doesn’t really represent “truth.” Most Americans did not vote for Trump, plus many Trump supporters are not happy with him or his “Trump-centered” agenda. Melania has done nothing to MAGA, so FLOTUS is just a label. Maybe, she was just trying to make sure that Americans didn’t get her and her hubby confused-Who knows?

  2. “when her . . . went to visit Texas yesterday.” Lovely grammar, USA magazine. Doesn’t say much for the rest of the article either.


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