Trump Team Rushing to Deny Latest Rumors about Melania & Donald


President Donald Trump is facing a whirlwind of new rumors about his icy relationship with First Lady Melania Trump.

Reports in recent months show that before the election, Donald and Melania had divorce papers drawn up, but they put the divorce on hold after Trump surprisingly won the presidential election.

An inside sources with connections in Washington D.C. is the source of the latest developments. Check it out, via Twitter:

Inquisitr reports:

Donald Trump had reportedly drawn up plans to divorce his wife, Melania, but they were never signed once Trump pulled off the shocking win in November’s presidential election.

The president and his wife have been surrounded by divorce rumors for several months, sparked largely by the release of a 2005 recording of Trump’s appearance on Access Hollywood in which he was caught bragging about pursuing other women while married to Melania. Trump dismissed the recording as “locker room talk” and Melania came to his defense, but there has been an undercurrent of rumors that the pair were quietly headed toward divorce.

… A journalist following the ever-expanding investigation into Trump’s alleged ties to Russia reported that Donald Trump and Melania went so far as to draw up divorce papers and agreed to a settlement, but those plans were scrapped after Trump won the election.

This is not the first time that rumors like this have surfaced. The Trump’s have constantly faced questions over their clearly tumultuous relationship.

Read more, from Inquisitr:

The story would seem to back up other divorce rumors surrounding Donald and Melania Trump in recent weeks. In late April, Vanity Fair published a story claiming Melania was distancing herself from Donald and that their relationship had been strained for more than a decade.
A visitor to Trump’s home told the outlet that Donald had agreed to have a child with Melania “on the condition that Melania would get her body back” after the pregnancy.

Earlier this year, an incident involving Melania and Donald caught on tape made it’s way around the media and the internet –

Read more, from Liberal Speak’s previous coverage:

The whole world was watching as President Donald Trump got embarrassed by his own wife this week.

Trump is in the middle of his first major international trip and the cameras were rolling during his embarrassing incident in Israel on Monday. As the president walked across a red carpet, he reaches for First Lady Melania’s hand and she can clearly be seen swatting him away.

Melania just showed the whole world how much respect she has for Donald – none!


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