This Photo of Prince Harry with Melania Trump Just Set the Internet on Fire, Check It Out Here [Photo]


Melania Trump finally got off the couch this weekend to visit Prince Harry at the Invictus Games in Canada. It marked her first solo trip as First Lady.

Prince Harry is the organizer of the Invictus Games, in which wounded veterans compete. Melania headed up a seven-person U.S. delegation to represent America at the games, which is ironic in itself.

Melania commented on the trip:

“In just two short years, the Invictus Games have allowed thousands of injured and wounded servicemen and women from many different countries to participate in adaptive sports competitions — something that should be lauded and supported worldwide. I am honored by the opportunity to represent our country at this year’s games.”

However, a photo of Prince Harry and Melania overshadowed the First Lady’s words. Harry gave what looked to be a set of Devil’s horns with his hands while acting like he was adjusting his jacket.

First, check out the NBC video below:

Now, take a closer look at some of the photos below to see if you think Prince Harry made the gesture intentionally:

View image on Twitter

Considering the UK despises Donald Trump – he had to cancel his scheduled state visit because of threats of mass protests – this could easily be the real deal.

What do you think?


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