Stephen Colbert Just Shocked The Nation With Major Announcement On Live TV


Stephen Colbert delivered an unexpected and empowering message to the citizens of New York City following a terrorist attack that left eight dead and dozens injured. Colbert began his Late Night show by saying, “Shortly before began taping tonight’s show we learned about the horrific events here in New York City.”

The Late Night show host continued, “It appears a terrorist has attacked innocent citizens in lower Manhattan.

And all of our broken go out to everyone affect, and to all of those who live and work in this great city.”

Rather than douse the show in the tragedy or mull over the stirrings of fear this recent attack has reportedly resurface, Colbert opted to give his viewers compassion and support.

According to Colbert, he believes New Yorkers will wake up on Wednesday and prevail despite what has happened. He spoke of the city’s resilience and tenacity. He acknowledged that they will wake up to new details, but they will have courage.

“But, tomorrow and the next day New Yorkers will also wake up and keep going,” Colbert said. “Because, in an uncertain world one thing is for sure; New Yorkers will never live in fear.”

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