The So-Called First Lady Just Got a Taste of Her Own Medicine

Do you think Melania Trump is the Queen of Trump's "Monarchy"?


Don’t let Melania Trump fool you, she’s just as bad as the rest of the Trump bunch. Have you ever in your life seen a First Lady do so little? Melania has no intention of helping Americans or fighting for a cause. She’s already bailed on fighting against cyberbullying.

Melania believes she is the queen in the Trump “monarchy.” A Fox News poll uncovered America’s true feelings about Melania, and she certainly is no match for former First Lady Michelle Obama, who made a major difference in our great nation.

In April 2009, Michelle Obama had a 73 percent approval rating, which is basically 100% if all of the simple-minded Americans get filtered out. Melania did manage to score a 51% approval rating, mainly due to the fact that she has to deal with Trump every day of her life.

She won over a large number of Americans when she publicly swatted Donald’s hand away not once but twice during their first trip overseas trip as president and First Lady.

Here’s the problem, though. Later in the trip, she was seen wearing a designer jacket worth tens of thousands of dollars. Suddenly, Trump was the most amazing man on the planet. She’s a trophy wife who married Trump for his riches and nothing more — well, maybe citizenship.

Do you think Melania Trump is the “Queen” of Trump’s “Monarchy”?

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  1. @just the facts. What year did you graduate from the “School for the Bewildered”? Name just one accomplishment Malaria has done that benefits anyone other than herself and the Orange Turd she’s married to.

  2. Melania is a survivor who has done whatever was necessary to gain citizenship and money. She serves only her own needs. She is just as selfish as the rest of the Trump gang, but maybe just a bit more palatable. She is a gold digger..


  4. Melania got more than she bargained for with 45-a LOT more. She came over here, thinking all she would have to do is succumb to his advances once in a while (hell, he’d be cheating on her the rest of the time anyway, right?) and then she’d get to laze around, spend his money, eat good food and take long baths. Then he busts through the door, all excited “I’m gonna run for president!” he exclaims. She rolls her eyes back in her head, the same as everyone else did, thinking it wouldn’t go anywhere, until it did. Now she has a JOB to do and she’s none to happy about it! You know how Lois Griffin, Peter’s wife on “Family Guy” is constantly embarrassed by his buffoonery? Yeah. GLOBAL scale, EPIC proportions. At least when Peter embarrasses Lois, it’s usually only in front of a few people and has scant consequences. When Peter claims he can kick Liam Neeson’s ass, it won’t potentially start a nuclear holocaust!

    You know, I felt bad for Melania when the Liberals started lambasting her about her past. Actually, I was more just dismayed at the Liberals and their hypocrisy, thinking that if photos had surfaced of Michelle from 20+ years ago, doing things to pay the bills before she had gotten her degree, we would have defended her against the Conservatives, arguing that “that was a long time ago, let the past be in the past, blah, blah, blah…” but now the shoe was on the other foot and the Liberals were saying EXACTLY what I would have expected Conservatives to say and it really affected me. I spoke out on social media about it, asking people to leave her and Barron out of it. Hate Trump all you want-he’s asked for every ounce of vitriol you can muster, but Melania and Barron are just caught in the crossfire and we should just hold fire on them. But in the past year, my attitude has changed a bit. Melania’s done her share of profiting from this mess and she seeks to gain where she can from it while neglecting EVERY responsibility as First Lady. Posing in a thong with an assault rifle isn’t support of our troops and it isn’t patriotic: it’s disgracing our country. It’s akin to Lois putting on a GLOW jumpsuit and running around with Peter, claiming that she can beat up Sigourney Weaver!

  5. It seems Melanie may be a “bully’s victim.” There just does not seem much to
    show for intelligence, education, smarts, energy, happiness, etc. She seems sad and an introvert, who is hanging around for a rich lifestyle.

    Maybe after the son is an adult, she’ll make some positive, constructive moves that may afford more happiness, etc than she now has. Money isn’t everything! And, the love of money is the root of evil. Do you believe it? For a correct response, you may take a look at the man to whom she’s married.


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