Prominent GOP Strategist Says ‘Trump Has Made the Democratic Party Great Again,’ Here’s Why


If one thing is for sure, the Democratic Party is once again gaining steam all thanks to Donald Trump and corrupt Republican members of Congress. Between Trump’s divisive rhetoric and Republicans’ failures to pass legislation, most Americans don’t see a brighter tomorrow under Republican leadership. Right now, it’s more important than ever before to go out and vote to ensure the Republican Party withers.

GOP strategist Alex Castellanos just came out and said that Trump has helped the Democratic Party. He told reporters:

“Donald Trump has made the Democratic Party great again.”

Alex added, “He’s unified it and given it intensity at the polls much like President Barack Obama unified and intensified the Republican party.”

Castellanos thinks Trump will be the primary reason Republicans lose control of Congress. He stated, “If you look ahead at 2018 — those Republican districts that Hillary Clinton won, 23 of them — the House is in play.”

Democrats pulled off game-changing wins in New Jersey and Virginia, despite Trump’s vocal support of Republican Ed Gillespie up through election day. Of course, Trump blamed Gillespie for the loss, which only made the Republican Party appear less unified.

Republicans have the power to impeach Trump, but they don’t seem to care if he destroys their party.

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