President Trump Demands Philippine President Sing To Him, And It Was Just Beyond Weird


President Donald Trump seems to be absolutely in love with strongmen and dictators. So much so that he asked Philippine human rights violator President Rodrigo Duterte to sing him a song. Well, the Philippine president obliged. Here’s what he said:

Ladies and gentlemen, I sang an invited duet with Ms. Pilita Corrales upon the orders of the Commander-in-chief of the United States.

Here’s his song:

Trump has had a habit with cozying up to dictators and strongmen, including of course Vladimir Putin, King Salman of Saudi Arabia, and the notorious human rights violator Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. In fact, Trump seems to have all the personality traits of a strongman:

President Donald Trump says he’d be “honored” to meet the North Korean despot Kim Jong Un. Egypt’s president, who allowed his opponents to be shot, is doing a “fantastic job.” The president of the Philippines, who unleashed vigilante killings at home, is welcome at the White House. So is Thailand’s prime minister, who took power in a military coup. And Turkey’s president, who jailed thousands of opponents, got a congratulatory call.

Although Trump has been mocking North Korean strongman Kin Jun-un, the tweet he sent him yesterday sounded like an invitation to a future friendship. Here’s his whacky tweet:

Yet Trump will insult and attack American politicians, many of whom stand for freedom and justice. This is the unfortunate age we currently live in under this president. We just have to deal with it until the next election or maybe sooner if he gets impeached.


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