Obama Just Broke The Internet With His Birthday Message To Joe Biden


The first US President to use Twitter is still the only one who understands how to properly use social media and today he proved it. That’s probably why Obama has 97 million followers compared to Donald Trump’s 64 million across both his personal and official accounts.

It’s also another solid example of why millions of Americans wish that President Obama came back for a third term.

President Obama practically broke the internet by sharing a hilarious happy birthday message to his former Vice President Joe Biden. The post passed 100,000 likes in just twenty minutes.

Joe Biden recently released a memoir and made headlines this weekend when he told the Miami Book Fair International that we are living in one of the most dangerous times in American history.

New polls show that if the 2020 Presidential election was today, that Biden would handily beat Trump – as would any other Democrat.

President Obama’s tweet reminds all of us of a simpler time when you didn’t have to flip on cable news every night to find out what the White House was screwing up, or wonder if our country’s Commander-in-Chief was either a “f*cking moron” or a ‘kindergartener.’

So Happy Birthday to Joe Biden and please come back to D.C. soon!


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