John McCain Just Tweeted Trump A Veterans Day Message He’ll Never Forget


John McCain has perhaps been the most vocal Republican against Trump and his criticism isn’t just recent but has been there ever since Trump decided to run for the presidency. In return, Trump has criticized the Arizona senator on many occasions, most notably when he said that McCain, a Vietnam War veteran, wasn’t a hero because he was captured during the war. Undeterred, McCain has gone after Trump constantly, and he just did today. Here’s what he just tweeted out:

McCain was referring to Vietnam’s human rights record, which is very problematic. McCain knows full well as a prisoner of Vietnam how the country can treat humanity. Here’s what Human Rights Watch had to say about Vietnam:

Vietnam’s human rights record remains dire in all areas. The Communist Party maintains a monopoly on political power and allows no challenge to its leadership. Basic rights, including freedom of speech, opinion, press, association, and religion, are restricted. Rights activists and bloggers face harassment, intimidation, physical assault, and imprisonment. Farmers continue to lose land to development projects without adequate compensation, and workers are not allowed to form independent unions. The police use torture and beatings to extract confessions. The criminal justice system lacks independence. State-run drug rehabilitation centers exploit detainees as laborers making goods for local markets and export. Nevertheless, increasing numbers of bloggers and activists have called publicly for democracy and greater freedoms.

McCain has taken swipes at Trump before.

Watch here:

Although McCain’s policies have been questionable in the past, at least he’s coming out against Trump. Republicans seems to have a double standard though. For example, while McCain calls out Vietnam for its human rights violations and questions Trump for being silent, McCain has never said anything about Trump’s cozy relationship with Israel, a country that commits massive human rights violations against the Palestinians. Well, at least he’s speaking out on something.

Here’s another video of McCain pummeling Trump:

In the mean time, Republicans need to do more. Until other Republicans come out against Trump and finally put the country first instead of party politics, this crazy circus of a fiasco that is Trump, will continue.


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