America Expresses Their Disgust In Response To Melania And Barron’s Reaction To A Long-Kept Holiday Tradition


Traditionally, in the White House, to celebrate Thanksgiving and begin the Christmas festivities, a tree is brought in from the Chapman family in Wisconsin to be displayed in the Blue Room and adorned with beautiful decorations. One would think that this would be a special time for the Trumps, however, the welcoming of the tree for Melania and Barron was lackluster to say the least.

ABC News posted the footage of Melania and Barron’s response to the tree and it appears that they could care less about this long-kept tradition.

Earlier this year, the Chapman family won a contest hosted by the National Christmas Tree Association, and so they did not let these two downers kill their holiday spirit. The Chapmans have donated Christmas trees to the White House in 1998 and 2003.

Unfortunately, even though the ceremony of the tree being presented to the First Family in a horse and carriage was meant to be special, the Trumps won’t have much time to enjoy it because they are heading off to Mar-a-Lago…again.



Twitter didn’t let this one slip between the crack:

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