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Sally Yates is the former acting Attorney General, an appointee of President Obama who led the Department of Justice during the brief period between the moment Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch stepped down upon President Trump assuming office, and...
This is the week you’ve been waiting for. Donald Trump’s downfall was always going to come from his own top people being forced to betray him in order to save themselves. If you’ve been looking forward to Special Counsel...
TV personality Martha Stewart has caused a stir on social media with a photo of herself flipping off a portrait of President Donald Trump. Stewart attended the Friesz Art Fair in New York City, where Andres Serrano's portraits of Snoop...
Traditionally, in the White House, to celebrate Thanksgiving and begin the Christmas festivities, a tree is brought in from the Chapman family in Wisconsin to be displayed in the Blue Room and adorned with beautiful decorations. One would think...
Ivanka Trump is set to represent the U.S. in India as we co-host the entrepreneurship summit later this month. To make the First Daughter feel more comfortable when she arrives, Indian authorities are going to remove 6,000 beggars from...
The first US President to use Twitter is still the only one who understands how to properly use social media and today he proved it. That’s probably why Obama has 97 million followers compared to Donald Trump’s 64 million...
While Trump supporters blindly follow their leader without accepting the negative consequences of his presidency, there are millions of other Americans who see the truth. One man named Tucker Benedict just penned a powerful open letter to Trump, and it...
We already know that pretty much anything Hillary Clinton says or does is apt to cause Donald Trump to turn a brighter shade of orange with anger, but this one’s a doozy. In a climate rife with sexual misconduct...

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